ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: Marketing Lessons

Millions and millions of people all over the world are involving themselves in the craze of the ALS ice bucket challenge. Besides supporting ALS and raising awareness about the medical condition, this entire ice bucket challenge also has influential marketing lessons that everyone could learn about. In the challenge, we have all seen the power of social media and how easy it is to influence people all over the world. It has shown social media at its finest with celebrities and average folks participating in the challenge. It has produced viral social engagement wherein marketing skills have been very much apparent. Here are some marketing lessons that we could all learn from the ALS ice bucket challenge.

Timing is important

When it comes to marketing, you have to make sure that the timing is perfect. Let us take the ALS ice bucket challenge for instance, since it made its way in June, peaking in August, the timing was just right since it is the summer time.

Get celebrities involved

One of the main reasons why this challenge got so popular is because of the involvement of celebrities and sports figures. The truth is, many average individuals tend to try out almost anything that celebrities try.


What makes the ALS ice bucket challenge fun is because of the rules that it comes along with. The rules are simple, once someone nominates you, you either drench yourself in ice water or donate to ALS. The challenger gets to choose who he or she wants to challenge.

“Bet you won’t do it” challenge

The entire mentality of the “bet you won’t do it” tease really makes it a big hit. Going up against any challenge really makes people want to try it out for themselves and will increase popularity.

Although the ALS ice bucket challenge seems all too simple, it has really driven itself into popularity. The marketing lessons might be simple but they are highly effective.

Online Marketing Still Reliant on Social Media

Internet and marketing strategies rules the virtual world in the form of online businesses. And these businesses mostly rely on social networking websites which is greatly responsible for the promotion, the distribution, the enhancement, and eventually, the success of the virtual venture. There has been an attempt to overrule the strategy but it is to no avail. Social media still run the wheels of online markets, and these wheels are quite remarkably fast. Margot daCunha of The Word Stream Blog recently released a list of Social Media Marketing Strategies outlining how social media can quickly ramp up an online business. It is roughly discussed in as follows:

  • Creating a Game Plan and Sticking Unto It
  • Treating Each Channel as an Individual Entity
  • Going Above and Beyond in Customer Services
  • Embracing Mishaps
  • Tracking and Talking
  • Staying Active

Ecommerce Marketing

Ecommerce Marketing Blog enthusiast Mark Hayes outlined 12 marketing strategies to help online businessmen boost their sales, and keep up to it. Considering the challenges the internet traffic is causing these virtual companies, the list detail what can be done in order to stand out among the sea of competition in the online shops and the likes. When all of these suggestions are observed and eventually practiced, business owners online are expected to be a success.

  • Post Daily Content for Continued Growth
  • Use Images When Posting to Facebook
  • Increase Exposure of your Communities with Social Buttons
  • Run a LaunrockCampaign
  • Leverage Social Reviews to Automate Word of Mouth  Marketing
  • Create Micro Content
  • Run a Twitter Q&A
  • Run a Pinterest Treasure Hunt
  • Experiment with Different Titles in Your Blog Post
  • Make it Easy for Customers to Share and Pin Your Products
  • Invest in an Infographic
  • Create a Complimentary Board on Pinterest

Both daCunha and Hayes are expert blogger specializing business in the online industry, sharing their thoughts about how online marketing stays reliant on the availability of social media. It appears that constant exposure and regular updates of the online business image are the key to a drastic move from the current business status and towards success. Maximizing the social networking capabilities to increase business prospects and abundantly growing young business enterprises. The effect of reliance is not destructive as majority of today’s public are as well dependent on the social status they create or promote in their individual social networking affiliations. Careful study of the audience’s preference is the only thing necessary to be learned among others.